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Please Consider Donating

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Please consider donating towards the future of the VERMONT INSTITUTE OF CELTIC ARTS.

We are a non-profit organization that actively preserves and promotes Celtic culture, language, art, dance, and music by offering instruction in traditional Celtic disciplines, preserving significant material, and strengthening the prominence of Celtic culture within our society. The school is the only year round institution of its kind in New England. Our dream is to build a cultural center in central Vermont. Thank you for your support!

Additional Ways You Can Help:



Do you have old or unused instruments sitting around your house. VICA can always use instruments for our students. Bagpipes, whistles, guitars, fiddles, bodhrans, bouzoukis, you name it! We love being able to loan instruments to new learners and are always looking for more.  Value: free


VICA has a lot of teaching materials. However, given our current space we can keep them all out at once. Totes are always extremely helpful in storing and organizing our gear. Value: $20


Celtic Music Books

The Vermont Institute of Celtic Arts has one of the largest collections of pipe books in the world.  We have over 750 titles of music books specifically for the pipes.  However, there are several crucial collections we still have to acquire.  Value $20-35


Bannatyne Hybrid Pipe Bags

A  Value $175


Sponser VICA merch

VICA would love to be able to offer more merchandise. Merch helps to get our name out there and help people show their VICA pride!  Value $200


Laser Etcher

A laser etcher will be used to create amazing VICA products, customize bagpipe parts, and unique gift ideas for our shop.  Value $300

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