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The Vermont Institute of Celtic of Arts offers many services to those who are interested in all aspects of Celtic culture.  

What We Offer

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Tune Composition

Do you want a newly composed tune for a someone special, or an important event?  What better present than the gift of music?  Tune composition is perfect for a wedding present, an important person in your life, birthday, etc...  Iain MacHarg, is the past winner of several composing contests, and won 4 out of 9 categories in the EUSPBA composing contest.


Recording Studio

Want to record your music?  Need a backup musician?  We can do that too!  Create an album, an original track for a present, or even to document your playing , we can help you out!


Video Soundtracks

We provide soundtracks for business commercials,  media event promotions, and feature films.  We can offer a diverse choice of musicians, instruments, and sound options.


Event Performances

If you want to hire a Celtic musician for any event, we're your answer.  We offer solo performers, mini bands, full folk ensembles, and can even  provide a pipe band for your special event.

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Music Lessons

Either in our music studio, or online, we provide the highest quality lessons in Celtic music.  Have you always wanted to learn to play the pipes, fiddle, harp, or whistle?  See the Our Team page for a full list of instructors.

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