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Hazen Metro

 Hazen Metro hails from the  town of Williston, Vermont. He took up the bagpipes at the age of 14, learning the skill from Vermont's top piper, Iain MacHarg. After much diligent practice he found himself playing in and winning competitions all over New England, quickly making himself known as an up and coming piper. At this time he also started playing with MacHarg in his Celtic rock group, Prydein. He toured for three seasons with the group, playing concerts and festivals all over New England, as well as Michigan and Florida.

At the age of 18, Hazen moved to Glasgow, Scotland to study at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow to study for the BA - Scottish Music (piping) degree. He received his BA - Scottish Music (piping) Honours degree in July 2010 with his second instrument as the Irish flute. His final thesis was titled A Piper's Tirade: An Exploration of Artistic Values in Creative Practice. As part of this project he completed his first solo album, A Piper's Tirade; a concept album that bridges the gaps between traditional and contemporary, Scottish, and World music.


While in Glasgow he formed a band called King Arthur's Men who have recorded an album and played at large events around Scotland such as the opening act for the Knockengorroch, World's Ceilidh festival for two consecutive years. As well as King Arthur's Men, Hazen has played in: Ord Ban, a tight and professional contemporary Scottish trad band, and The John Langan Band, a well known group performing original and traditional songs from all over the world.


Since leaving for Scotland Hazen has taught and performed all over the world. Most notably teaching with the BIG Italian piper's group in Isernia, Italy, and also for his collaborative projects in Rostov, Russia. He has also played and worked on projects in Ireland, England, France, Turkey, and Austria. Hazen has returned to America and now lives back in Williston, Vermont as a teacher and freelance piper and flautist.

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