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Joanne Ranney

Joanne Ranney plays the Bodhrán.. Her drumming speaks to the Celtic spirit, transcending time. She is active with the fusion band “Out O’ The Blue”, traditional Celtic group “Green Mountain Celts” and in Ireland where she has studied with many of the the Bodhrán legends. Playing the Bodhrán is all about blending and accentuating the music that is being played. Depending on where and how the beater strikes the skin and how the opposing hand lays on the skin, the drum produces a wide range of tones and nuances.  Joanne also incorporates Celtic beats for healing and meditation. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in performance from Boston Conservatory at Berkley School of Music. 



The bodhrán is a frame drum used in Celtic music.  A goatskin head or synthetic head is tacked to one side. The other side is open-ended for one hand to be placed against the inside of the drum head to control the pitch and timbre.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

‭802 238-5686

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